Três Estudos, for guitar, 10′

The three guitar studies were composed as part of my research project at the University. I counted with the collaboration of student guitarist Reginaldo Pereira de Almeida. The study I is traversed by a rhythmic figure in ostinato over which a polyphonic dialogue to two chromatic voices is developed. Study II works the sustain of voices in a polyphonic chromatic material, having a central section that articulates resonances and sounds through campanella technique. The main theme of the study III is based on a left hand fixed position that moves on and produces octatonic sounds, and it has a central section with campanella resonances.

Acácio Piedade

Premiere: 8. Concert Mosaico Musical, Teatro Álvares de Carvalho, Florianópolis, 12/10/2017. Guitar: Marcello Brombilla