• Upaapitsi for flute and electronics was played in Germany by the Duo f:LAUT-e the 22th July at the Saale-Galerie Saalfeld by Duo f:LAUT-e . More on Upaapitsi
  • Kagapa Onapa for eight saxophones was premiered on 12/07/2023 during the IX International Saxophone Festival of Palmela, Portugal, by the Orquestra de Saxofones do Dão This piece is inspired in the Kagapa ritual of the Wauja Indigenous society from the upper Xingu River, Amazon. More on Kagapa Onapa here
  • New article (in Portuguese): Música e Identidade através da Teoria das Tópicas (Music and Identity through Topic Theory) Simpósio Identidade Brasileira da Música de Concerto (livro digital), 2021- Read it!
  • Bruxólicas (Caderno I) was played by Maurício Zamith during the Contemporary Piano Meeting, UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro , 6/04/2023.

Concerts in 2021 and 2022:

  • Upaapitsi for flute and electronics (in collaboration with Vinicius Giusti), commissioned by the Ensemble Via Nova, Weimar – Germany (Klangnetz Thüringen) at the Herbstfrequenzen in Sonderhausen in 02/10/2022 (Via Nova Ensemble – flute: Marianna Schürmann). Second concert at Rotes Ochse Schleusingen, Germany, in 18/11/22.
  • Devaneio, fantasia for solo guitar pieces played by Silvia Kopakova at the Sala-Galerie Saalfeld, Germany, in 19/11/22.
  • Four Dances, for String Quartet, commissioned by the Gropius Quartett (Germany), had its first movement premiered in September 1st at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.
  • Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra, was premiered (version with piano reduction) in Florianópolis, Brazil, in September 2022
  • Céu (Sky) for String Orchestra was played by the OSU, Symphonic Orchestra of the UNICAMP (Campinas State University), conducted by Cinthia Alireti, 18/08/22, at the Teatro Municipal Castro Mendes, Campinas, SP. This piece was composed in 1981, when I was a student of composition at the UNICAMP University, and it was played by this orchestra in its firsts concerts. At the anniversary concert in October 2022 the piece was played again. Watch the video
  • Toccata for Marimba (1983) was played by Diego Faskner Silveira in Porto Alegre in 2019, and is now at YouTube. Watch the Video-Score
  • Kagapa Onapa was selected to be premiered at the XXXth Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual (Rio de Janeiro).
  • Abertura Soviet and Adagio Misterioso (from Reverências for Piano 4-Hands), was played by duo Castelan & Barros, June 2022 in Florianópolis
  • Onapapitsi was premiered in Brazil by Abstrai Ensemble – Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio, December 2021 watch the video (at 1:20:00)
  • Quasiment Nuage, for piano, was premiered by Maurício Zamith at the XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021. Watch the video (at 6’38)
  • Variações, for Wind Quintet was premiered in Europe by the Ensemble Quintextra at the Bienenmuseum Weimar, Germany, December 2021
  • Devaneio, for guitar, was played by Leonardo Müller during the III Festival de Música Contemporânea Brasileira Edino Krieger, Brazil, 27/09/21
  • Nutai Onapa was premiered in 17/05/2021. Watch the video

Articles in press

  • Teoria das Tópicas: um balanço pessoal (Topic Theory: a personal report) in: Congresso da TeMA (series).
  • A Path to Transcultural Composition – in: Festschrift für Prof. Tiago de Oliveira Pinto

Conferences and Courses

Book (2021)