Acácio Piedade is a Brazilian-Portuguese composer born in Brazil in 1961. He studied with Almeida Prado, Damiano Cozzella, Conrado Silva and Hans-Joachim Koellreutter and holds a bachelor’s degree in composition. He has a PhD in Anthropology with his research into the music of the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. He carried out post-doctoral researches at the Paris Sorbonne University and at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt – Weimar. He is a member of international associations such as the German Composers Association. Acácio Piedade is an award-winning composer and his works have been performed at concerts and festivals throughout Latin America and Europe by leading performers, ensembles and orchestras. Acácio Piedade is a retired music professor of the State University of Santa Catarina and currently lives in Lisbon.

Watch here a documentary about me and my music filmed in 2022, Florianópolis, Brazil (in Portuguese) 

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Composition and Anthropology: Interview (Text in Portuguese) by Hall Ceart – 2020