Omonawana, for Orchestra, 12′

Program Note:

The Wauja Indians from the upper Xingu River (Amazon – Brazil) tell the story of a mythic time when the world was dark and cold, and they were still not human, they lived like termites under the earth. A powerful being called Kwamutú happened to appear, bringing them light which he had taken from the Fox. This light was fire and this fire was light. It was such a tremendous event that the world was completely transformed and the Wauja emerged to the surface becoming human. This power of fire and light is called Kwamutú Omonawana. The first section of this work portrays the dark under-earthly world, presenting its voices and dialogues. During the middle section, the emergence of Kwamutú generates a transmutation of the Wauja and their world. The eclosion of fire and light and the humanizing dance as the result of Omonawana constitute the dramaturgy of the third and last section.

Premiered by the Jenaer Philharmonie

Conductor: Markus L. Frank

28.04.2019, Weimar, Germany

recording of the premiere: