Lamento for G, for Octet, 9’30

Lamento for G , for 2 Flt., Hpsd., 2 Vln., Vla., Vc., Cb.

The note G is absent from this work (except for the last seconds). This Lamento develops this absence in various forms. From the beginning on, G is attracted and surrounded but it does not appear. At the last 3 measures, G is played in harmonics by the first violin.

Lamento for G refers to the note G and G stands for Geo, Earth, symbolizing our planet. G(eo) is imprisoned inside a constant cloud of 11 notes, like a precious jewel locked inside a plastic package. Only in the last seconds, G(eo) weakly manifests itself; a proof of its survival.

  1. Intrada Pesante
  2. Ciaccona Cromatica
  3. Corale
  4. Fuga
  5. Corale Finale

Premiered in Weimar, 19.12. 2019, Mon Ami, Weimar, Germany

Dedicated to Pachamama
Composed for the Camerata Temporalis

Rehearsal of Lamento for G – Camerata Temporalis, conducted by Giordano Bruno do Nascimento, December 2019