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October 2022: Transcultural Composition – Special Course – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

This seminar will bring together the fields of composition and ethnomusicology focusing on the impact of anthropological issues within the scope of musical creation. The concepts of transculturalism and transcultural composition will be investigated. There will be discussions on critically sensitive themes (exoticism, primitivism, nationalism, appropriation, borrowing) and conceptual domains such as intertextuality, identity and musical meaning, especially in classical music. In addition to readings and debates, there will be the commented appreciation of musical works and students will be asked to compose and/or write articles involving the seminar’s themes.

Articles in press

  • Teoria das Tópicas: um balanço pessoal (Topic Theory: a personal report) in: Congresso da TeMA (series).
  • Field Research as a basis for Musical Creation. Introductory thoughts on Transcultural Composition. Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster 2021
  • Música e Identidade através da Teoria das Tópicas (Music and Identity through Topic Theory) Simpósio Identidade Brasileira da Música de Concerto (livro digital), 2021
  • A Path to Transcultural Composition – in: Festschrift für Prof. Tiago de Oliveira Pinto

January 2022: conferences


  • Céu for String Orchestra will be played by the OSU, Symphonic Orchestra of the UNICAMP (Campinas State University), conducted by Cinthia Alireti, 18/08/22, at the Teatro Municipal Castro Mendes, Campinas, SP.
  • Abertura Soviet and Adagio Misterioso (from Reverências for Piano 4-Hands), was played by duo Castelan & Barros, June 2022 in Florianópolis
  • Onapapitsi was premiered in Brazil by Abstrai Ensemble – Sala Cecília Meireles, Rio, December 2021 watch the video (at 1:20:00)
  • Quasiment Nuage, for piano, was premiered by Maurício Zamith at the XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021. Watch the video (at 6’38)
  • Variações, for Wind Quintet was premiered in Europe by the Ensemble Quintextra at the Bienenmuseum Weimar, Germany, December 2021
  • Devaneio, for guitar, was played by Leonardo Müller during the III Festival de Música Contemporânea Brasileira Edino Krieger, Brazil, 27/09/21
  • Nutai Onapa was premiered in 17/05/2021. Watch the video


New Compositions (soon to be premiered)

  • Four Dances, for String Quartet, finished in May 2022, commissioned by the Gropius Quartett (Germany), will be premiered in September 1st at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.
  • Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra, finished in June 2022

Compositions in progress

  • Upaapisti for flute and electronics, for Via Nova Ensemble, Weimar, Germany. Partnership with Vinicius Giusti.
  • Orchestral Piece in 3 Mvts: Passacaglia, Adagio, Scherzo.
  • Dance in Moss Green with Violet Dust, for solo cello.

Book (2021)

  • Marcos Holler and Acácio Piedade (eds.) Estudos Transversais em Musicologia: História, Composição, Performance. Curitiba: CRV, 2021.Marcos Holler and Acácio Piedade (eds.) Estudos Transversais em Musicologia: História, Composição, Performance. Curitiba: CRV, 2021.

The book is available online for free at the publisher’s website:

My chapter in this book is a expanded translation to portuguese of the article in press (Field Research…, see below). The title is: Reflexões Preliminares sobre Composição Transcultural (“Preliminary Thoughts on Transcultural Composition”)

Papers for congresses (co-authorship) 2021

  • Mansani, Sílvio; Piedade, Acácio. Pierrot Lunaire e o Dante Negro: Um ciclo de canções para voz e instrumentos. IV EPMU, October 2021 (UFPEL).
  • Ramires, Diego; Piedade, Acácio. A colaboração compositor-intérprete e o processo criativo na composição de uma obra para trombone. IV EPMU, October 2021 (UFPEL).
  • Mansani, Sílvio; Piedade, Acácio. O Sprechgesang como técnica composicional no século XXI – comentários analíticos sobre obras vocais de Marcos Balter e Januíbe Tejera. XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021.
  • Gonçalves, Fabrício; Piedade, Acácio. Perspectivas para uma pesquisa sobre Intertextualidade e Composição Musical. XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021.
  • Martinez, Gandhi; Piedade, Acácio. O efeito Priming como possibilidade artística na Composição Musical. XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021.
  • Zamith, Maurício; Piedade, Acácio. O tempo musical em obras contemporâneas para piano. Conference-Concert presented at the XXXI ANPPOM, November, 2021.