Nutai Onapa (“Song of the String”) for solo guitar, finished in May 2020 and based on Indigenous music material will be premiered in March 2021 by Marcelo Brombilla, who commissioned the piece.

Quasiment Nuage, for piano, homage to Debussy, will be premiered in March 2021 by Maurício Zamith, for whom the piece was dedicated.

Três Duos para Dois Violinos was selected for the VIII Encontro Internacional de Cordas and will be played in Limeira, SP Brazil, in June 2021.

Okaintsixu – acousmatic composition with video in collaboration with visual artists Raquel Stolf, Fran Favero and Julia Amaral (Brazil) – was premiered online at 27/11/2020, Concerto Mosaico Musical, Brazil.

Dança do Menino Tuhú was selected by Franz Liszt Foundation and was played in September in Torino, Italy.

Conference: Brazilian Identity in Brazilian Concert Music under the perspective of Topic Theory (in portuguese) 04/11/2020

Interview about composition during pandemics (in portuguese) 14/10/2020

Recent Compositions:

  • Eurydice and Crawls, piano miniature, finished in July 2020.
  • Kagapa Onapa , saxophone octet, finished in July 2020.
  • Dança em Azul-cobalto (Dance in Cobalt Blue) for solo cello, finished in May 2020.
  • Nutai Onapa, (“Canto da Corda” – Song of the String) for solo guitar, finished in May 2020 (based on Indigenous music material)
  • Figuras Nubladas (Cloudy Figures) – miniatures for piano, finished in February 2020.

Compositions in progress:

  • Orchestral Piece in 3 Mvts: Passacaglia, Adagio, Scherzo
  • Cello solo (Dance in Moss Green with Violet Dust)
  • Upaapitsi (flute and electronics, to be premiered in Germany)

Article in Press:

Field Research as a basis for Musical Creation. Introductory thoughts on Transcultural Composition. In: Beiträge der 26. JAHRESTAGUNG des Nationalkomitees Deutschland im ICTM, Münster 2019 (in press)

Article in progress:

Revisiting Topic Theory: this article aims to revisit the theory of musical topics, as well as concepts such as musicality (friction and fusion), rhetoricity, interxtuality and narrativity in music.

On Transcultural Composition: This article aims to raise foundations for contemporary musical composition through the concept of Transculturalism. Based on Anthropological studies of Post-Modernity, Post-Colonialism, and Globalization of Culture, I intend to critically review Exoticism in concert music from the XXth and XXIst centuries. I will draw on Music Theory and Analysis, Semiotics, Topic Theory and Rhetoricity in music to propose the basis for a Transcultural Composition.