Piano Improvisation I and II (Covid-19 pandemic)

Interview: I’ll be interviewed during the Festival da Música Brasileira at 19/05/2021, 17:00 (Brazilian time). I’ll be talking about my experience with Indigenous Amazonian music and about my guitar piece Nutai Onapa. Interview in portuguese.



Nutai Onapa was premiered in 17/05/2021. Watch the video

Três Duos para Dois Violinos was selected for the VIII Encontro Internacional de Cordas and will be played in Limeira, SP Brazil, in June 2021.

Okaintsixu – acousmatic composition with video in collaboration with visual artists Raquel Stolf, Fran Favero and Julia Amaral (Brazil) – was premiered online at 27/11/2020, Concerto Mosaico Musical, Brazil.

Dança do Menino Tuhú was selected by Franz Liszt Foundation and was played in September 2020 in Torino, Italy.

Conference: Brazilian Identity in Brazilian Concert Music under the perspective of Topic Theory (in portuguese) 04/11/2020

Interview about composition during pandemics (in portuguese) 14/10/2020

Recent Compositions:

  • Eurydice and Crawls, piano miniature, finished in July 2020.
  • Kagapa Onapa , saxophone octet, finished in July 2020.
  • Dança em Azul-cobalto (Dance in Cobalt Blue) for solo cello, finished in May 2020.
  • Nutai Onapa, (“Canto da Corda” – Song of the String) for solo guitar, finished in May 2020 (based on Indigenous music material)
  • Figuras Nubladas (Cloudy Figures) – miniatures for piano, finished in February 2020.

Compositions in progress:

  • Upaapisti for flute and electronics, commissioned by Via Nova Ensemble, Weimar, Germany, to be premiered in 2021.
  • Orchestral Piece in 3 Mvts: Passacaglia, Adagio, Scherzo.
  • Dance in Moss Green with Violet Dust, for solo cello.

Article in Press:

Field Research as a basis for Musical Creation. Introductory thoughts on Transcultural Composition. Wissenschaftliche Schriften der WWU Münster 2021 (in press)

Música e Identidade através da Teoria das Tópicas, Simpósio Identidade Brasileira da Música de Concerto (livro digital), 2021 (in press)

Article in progress:

On Transcultural Composition: This article aims to raise foundations for contemporary musical composition through the concept of Transculturalism. Based on Anthropological studies of Post-Modernity, Post-Colonialism, and Globalization of Culture, I intend to critically review Exoticism in concert music from the XXth and XXIst centuries. I will draw on Music Theory and Analysis, Semiotics, Topic Theory and Rhetoricity in music to propose the basis for a Transcultural Composition.