Linhagens II, for piano, 9’

Linhagens II (Linneages II) has its the material generated from a seventeen ordered groups of chords. The work encompasses the two-folded meanings of the word “linhagem” in portuguese: on the one hand, “linhagem” refers to lines (for weaving) and this sense appears through the sewing of these chords by internal lines; on the other, “linhagem” refers to lineages, kinship, and here there is an heritage of the tonal harmonic system through the use of triads. Linhagens II is divided in four parts I. 2 ′, II.  2 ′, III.  Two, IV. 3 ′.

Acácio Piedade


Performance Alinhavos (Threads) – Linhagens II, piano and electronics, 25 ′

Debuted in November at the XIV national Meeting of Creativity Sound (ENCUN 2016) in Porto Alegre, the performance Alinhavos– Linhagens II It is approximately twenty-five minutes and proposes crossovers and interactions that align music, spoken poetry and audiovisual. The idea is tack lines of nature, restoring known shapes, unfolding them, recreating them through music, image and Word. Multiplicity of languages that interpenetrate, which extend into a continuous deviance of traces in mobile plasticity, which draws the visual and audible space.

 Alinhavos– Linhagens II It is part of a series of work by Silvana Leal entitled Alinhavos. These are plastic, visual, performance and sound works using the lines as a basis for a compositional material – the line as research in the construction of unusual shapes and actions. The video is a collage of three previous works of Silvana that, alinhavados in this work, are recreated in another conception.

The musical work created by Acácio Piedade for this performance action, conceived for piano and electronics, is based on the work for piano solo Linhagens II. The electronic part of Alinhavos– Linhagens II  It was elaborated from sound objects created with musical instruments (such as vibraphone, marimba, eardrum, bomb, dishes), water sounds, wood squeaks and other materials, altered by manipulation and digital modulation.

Silvana Leal

Listen here three excerpts from the premiere of Alinhavos/Linhagens II