Linhagens, for Orquestra, 13’

Linhagens (Linneages) was composed in 2016 and revised in 2019

Premiered at the Tinta Fresca Festival 2019 – Belo Horizonte, 18.06.2019, by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais.

Awarded with Honorable Mention

This work was written for symphonic orchestra and is based on a board of seventeen chords. The idea of Linhagens points to two meanings of this term (in portuguese: “Lines”and “Lineages”): on the one hand, the lines that seam the succession of these chords through motivic materials that come from themselves; On the other hand, the work does not hide its intimate relationship with the tonal harmonic system through the use of intervals of Third and, thus, it puts itself in a lineage: the historical descent of the great “tertial” theory that is the very foundation of tonal music. The ordered chord board is exposed in three sections of lineages and, at each moment, the chords are presented in blocks of textures and varied timbres, concatenated by elements that originate in their own structure. This succession of scenes, sometimes dark, sometimes playful, aims to provoke the senses of the listener through the orchestral timbres. These sections are intercalated by interludes that are constructed from an ordered set of successive Thirds, a material which is also used in the initial section and at the end of Linhagens.

The recording of the premiere cannot be published because it is under the right of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic.

Listen here to a MIDI version

Score of Linhagens