Piano Improvisation I and II (Covid-19 pandemic)

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I thought I would have time enough to compose and therefore to conclude several until then unfinished works, as well as new works. At the time of these two improvisations, I realized that having time enough is not the main point for being productive in composing. I had plenty of time at home and however something was empty: there was a lack of human stuff. Meeting friends, chatting about any subject with any people, going to common places and doing common human things, small talk at a bus stop, looking at stupid little things in a street market, I missed all this. All these things that were cut off due to distancing during the pandemic are sources for the human stuff needed for composition. Not only the time for composing at home, but the time for being with people and living the little small things of life. These improvisations are extremely solitary and were done with this idea in my spirit.

piano: Acacio Piedade
Recorded at 19/10/2020, Florianopolis, SC, Brazil