Bruxólicas Nr. 4 (Caderno II), para piano, 7′

Program Note

Part of the Caderno II (Notebook II) of Bruxólicas (a collection of pieces inspired by witch stories), the part Nr. 4 is the sister of Nrs. 2 and 3 because they have a common material: resonance of sostenuto pedal, symmetric chords, a short gesture in arabesque, among other materials. Here the piano is divided into 4 regions separated by octaves that are suspended by the pedal and create by sympathy a cloud of resonance. The first part goes like a first exposure of a four-voice fugue, but paradoxically without counterpoint, the countersubject being the very cloud of resonance. There is a twelve-tone theme in the subject which will be developed throughout the piece. This witch of Bruxólicas Nr. 4 is a multivocal being that speaks in four voices with very different registers.

Acácio Piedade

Premiere: 8. Concert Musical Mosaic, Teatro alvares de Carvalho, Florianópolis, 12/10/2017. Piano: Acácio Piedade

Hear the premiere of Bruxólicas Nr. 4 – Caderno II