Bruxólicas (Book I), piano, 19′

Bruxólicas – Book I, is a cycle of 7 pieces for solo piano inspired by the narratives about witches in Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil, as compiled by folklorist Franklin Cascaes and published in the two volumes of the work “O Fantástico na Ilha de Santa Catarina” (see below).

Each of the stories contained in these books inspires one of the pieces, which carry the same title. The composition, however, is not thought of as programmatic, for the narrative does not provide a plot for the music, but rather inspires the sonic imagination of the fantastic universe of the island described in the books.

The Bruxólicas Book I  contains pieces with a medium level of technical difficulty.

1. Vassoura Bruxólica (Witch’s broom)
2. Bruxas Gêmeas (Twin witches)
3. Congresso Bruxólico (Witch Congress)
4. Velha Bruxa Chefe (Old Chief Witch)
5. Orquestra Selenita Bruxólica (Selenite Witch Orchestra)
6. Balanço Bruxólico (Witch’s Swing)
7. O Estado Fadórico das Bruxas (The fairy state of Witches)

CASCAES, Franklin. The Fantastic on the Island of Santa Catarina, Vol. I. Florianópolis: Ed. Da UFSC, 1989.
—– The Fantastic on Santa Catarina Island, Vol. II. Florianópolis: Ed. Da UFSC, 1992.

Listen to all 7 pieces of Bruxólicas Book I, played by Mauricio Zamith

Bruxólicas Nr.1


Bruxólicas Nr.2


Bruxólicas Nr.3


Bruxólicas Nr.4


Bruxólicas Nr.5


Bruxólicas Nr. 6


Bruxólicas Nr.7